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How do Money Market and Capital Market differs?

Capital Varsity

The fundamental factors that show the contrast between the currency market and capital market are the period or term that is currency market bargains in momentary assets and capital market bargains in long haul reserves. The currency market is managed by RBI whereas the capital market is directed by SEBI. Currency Market Instrument is bills of trade, a testament of stores, depository charges, business paper, and so forth where Capital Market Instrument is shares, debentures, securities, and so on

To know about Money or Capital market first we have to understand about Financial Market. It is a place where buyers and sellers trade in financial assets like bonds, commodities, currencies, stock, and derivatives. It has many types one of them is the capital and another is the money market.

Capital market: In this trading is done as a drawn-out interest wherein cash is accommodated for quite a while over one year. It is unsafe and these are for long haul monetary development and strength. The instrument of this is stocks, bonds, shares, and so on, and it’s controlled by SEBI. In this specialists bargain in long-haul obligation and value capital as offers, public stores, and debenture. Loan fees or profit rates rely upon the organic market of protections and on financial exchange’s Sensex conditions. Presently the capital market is additionally isolated into two sections.

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